"Found" Lostwithiel Community Church (Elim)
"Found"Lostwithiel Community Church (Elim)

Info about us

We are Jesus centred, Bible based, Holy Spirit living, relationally hearted, prayer actioned, mission minded, and wanting to see Jesus glorified in the community of Lostwithiel, His love and power known.


We are part of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance (reg. charity no. 251549), and therefore accountable.


The leaders of the church are -

Pastor Graham Jarrett, Pam Jarrett, Emma Julian, and Jonelle Julian.


We are a youth and young people based church, but welcome all ages. 


Pastor Graham writes,  

"Jesus and the new life He gives us, is not for a certain type of person, not just for goody goody people or just for those who are desperate. God loves everyone without exception, and although He often doesn't like the things we do that hurt others and ourselves, He wants us to seek Him, so that we can know His amazing love and incomparable power for those who put their trust in Him.  When I was 16 I came to know that for myself, at a time when my life was a mess, and I really wanted to know what life was about, there had to be more than the rubbish I was experiencing, and why did I keep getting into trouble and why did it feel like I was going mad ?  After I heard the good news that Jesus had died for me so that I could be forgiven and set free, things started to fall into place and life started to make sense - both the good and the bad. Although not always easy to understand, th Bible has provided the answers I was looking for and a consistant world view that fits with my experience of people, spirituality, and life.  Since then, my life with God has been exciting and varied, I have purpose and direction to my life, and know what's going to happen after this body wears out and dies. None of us are perfect and are no better than anyone else, we have simply accepted and received God's love and power in Jesus, and are seeking to live our lives His way. I have studied at Theological/Bible College for three years in my early twenties, where I met Pam my wife, and am an ordained minister in the Elim Pentecostal Movement. After living in west London for many years, we felt God call us very specifically to Lostwithiel, and have been serving Him here ever since".

We meet at 5 p.m. most Sundays                           

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