Lostwithiel Community Church
Lostwithiel Community Church

Sunday Services

Really sorry, but due to the leaders all being in various stages of the flu, we have had to cancel the service tomorrow (16th Dec)




Sunday Programme


The 5 O'Clock Service - each week 5 – 6.15 p.m....ish

In 'Oasis', Lostwithiel Community Centre.


1st Sunday -  Service (youth orientated but all welcome)


2nd Sunday –  ‘Food for Thought’ - Informal Service & Some Food


3rd Sunday -  Service (youth orientated but all welcome)


4th Sunday–  ‘ActiveChurch’ – Varied interactive service for all ages.


5th Sunday (when there is one) – Special event.





Why not come along ?




We meet at 5 p.m. most Sundays in 'Oasis' Lostwithiel Community Centre.                           

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