"Found" Lostwithiel Community Church (Elim)
"Found"Lostwithiel Community Church (Elim)

Sunday Services


Lockdown again I'm afraid. As from 5th November there will be no services at the Community Centre for at least a month. We will let you know when things change.


On Sunday October 11th, we will be continuing meeting in Lostwithiel Community Centre Main Hall. It's good to meet, but it is different.            To protect each other the following applies:

If you have any Covid 19 symptoms please don't come along. Hand sanitiser should be used and masks worn inside by everyone attending. Please socially distance as an individual or in your household group. And sorry but I'm afraid there's no congregational singing.


9th July - We were hoping to start up services again soon but this is proving to be more restrictive and difficult than expected, so is not happening for now, but we will let you know if anything changes.

We are continuing to post videos on YouTube, so please check them out.


IMPORTANT NEWS - From now, 17th March, until further notice there will be no Sunday services due to the corona virus and the instructions we have received from Government and Elim headquarters.




God bless you in this strange and difficult time.

Look to Him, for He is our strength.




Sunday Programme


The 5 O'Clock Service - each week 5 – 6.15 p.m....ish

In 'Oasis', Lostwithiel Community Centre.


1st Sunday -  Informal Service 


2nd Sunday –  ‘Food for Thought’ - Informal Service & Some Food


3rd Sunday -  Informal Service 


4th Sunday–  ‘ActiveChurch’ – Varied interactive service.


5th Sunday (when there is one) – Special event.




January through March, theme wise, on the first and third Sundays we are going through 2 Timothy, a deeply personal book about family, relationships, and our amazing God.

And the second and fourth Sundays are subject based, tackling 3 of the biggest issues we face in life - Money, Sex, and Power.



ALL ARE WELCOME.                              Why not come along ?




We meet at 5 p.m. most Sundays in 'Oasis' Lostwithiel Community Centre.                           

Contact us today!

If you have any queries please contact us:






Get social with us.

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